The Lenders Story

Lenders Cooperative supports over 140 community financial institutions. Offering best-in-class loan origination software and professional services. The cooperative allows banking institutions to share best practices and have a “seat at the table” as new technologies are developed.

Today’s community financial institutions are often under tremendous pressure to stay relevant and competitive while still serving the needs of their local businesses

Cary Cooper

Who We Are

Welcome to Lenders Cooperative. We are a forward-thinking group of community bankers, led by Summit Technology Group, who recognized the need for better innovation and solutions to support community bankers' lending efforts.

As a subsidiary of STG formed in 2019, we provide a variety of loan solutions and shared services for banks, credit unions, and fintech's offering small business (SMB), Small Business Administration (SBA), and commercial loans to their local businesses and communities. Our cloud-based loan origination system was created to revolutionize community bankers' small business and commercial lending initiatives. It fully integrates with customers' current systems, offering streamlined, end-to-end workflows that were created to support the SBA's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) during the pandemic.

At Lenders Cooperative, we understand the pressure that community financial institutions face to stay relevant and competitive while still serving the needs of their local businesses. Our core mission is to help these institutions to focus on their true strengths, and this same commitment has been baked into the DNA of Lenders Cooperative since its inception.

In addition to our SaaS technology solutions, Lenders Cooperative offers staff augmentation, including credit underwriting, SBA Loan Service Provider (LSP) support, bank operations, and white label call center support. These services are provided by seasoned experts with decades of proven commercial banking experience, allowing institutions to staff up and down much more quickly in response to evolving market conditions while providing them the flexibility to select the services they need to best meet their strategic goals.

We are excited to work with you to modernize your lending processes to better meet your customer's needs and continue your institution's innovation journey in support of local businesses and communities.

Leadership Team

Cary Cooper

Cary Cooper



Loughlin Cleary



Russell Morris

Head of Credit Underwriting


Tim Holder

Head of Operations


David Tinsley

Head of SBA LSP Services

Liz Flowers

Liz Flowers

Head of Client Success


Brad Olena

Head of Marketing