Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI)

Starting January 1, 2024, tens of millions of business owners will have to file as part of the federal Corporate Transparency Act (CTA). These could be your clients. We can help.

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In collaboration with Wolters Kluwer - the leader in Beneficial Owner compliance - we offer a tool that your Small Business clients can use to collect and submit their Beneficial Owner information to FinCEN

Add our Beneficial Ownership Filing tool to your Digital Banking or Small Business Resource Center

Give your customers peace-of-mind that they will meet the law’s requirements in a simple, friendly way.

Streamlined invitations

Send invitations to Beneficial Owners and have them fill out their own information

Easy to use

Easy to use and understand, with all the power of Wolters Kluwer behind it

Easy Integration

Quick integration into a bank’s ecosystem - just add a link or button

Custom Branding

Can be branded with your own colors and logos

This Powerful Resource Is Built To

  • Give your Financial Institution a place to send your Small Business clients if they have questions about the requirements, and to file their Beneficial Owner information with FinCEN
  • Guide business owners through Beneficial Ownership reporting requirements
  • Streamline the collection of crucial ownership information
  • Enable each Beneficial Owner to answer questions with personalized invitations
  • Facilitate easy submission to FinCEN
  • Allow seamless updates for any changes in information
  • Use Wolters Kluwer’s expertise in Beneficial Owner filings to provide helpful content
  • Integrate easily into your bank’s branding (if desired), using your bank’s colors and logo

Fully Integrated Experience

Our tool can be easily connected to your Small Business Resource pages or within your Digital Banking experience, and direct your clients to either a fully branded or unbranded experience.

A company can send out invitations to all of their Beneficial Owners, asking them to complete their own information in a few single steps. All it takes is a photo of your Driver’s License and a Selfie to collect their information and validate that the invitation was received and completed by the right person.

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