Credit Underwriting

Our seasoned team of credit professionals can support all of your commercial underwriting needs, including origination, renewals, and ongoing credit servicing. With Lenders Cooperative, you gain access to decades of C&I, CRE, and SBA lending experience.

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“Lenders Cooperative serves as an extension of your credit team, customizing our underwriting approach to adhere to your loan policy and credit risk appetite.”

Russell Morris - Managing Director, Head of Credit Underwriting

Professional Services

Power your organization with Lenders Cooperative—streamlining operations, empowering community lenders, and navigating regulations seamlessly. Your success, our mission.

Commercial Credit Underwriting

  • Financial Statement Spreading (Business, Personal, Global Cash Flow, Borrowing Base)
  • Underwriting / Credit Analysis (New Money and/or Renewals)
  • Credit Servicing (Annual Reviews, Covenant Testing, Risk Rating Validations)

Loan Review

  • Transaction Testing
  • Targeted Loan Reviews
  • Special Projects

Types of Loans Serviced

  • C&I Underwriting (Small Business, Middle Market, Large Corporate)
  • CRE Underwriting (Multifamily, Retail, Office, Industrial, Hotel)
  • SBA


Improved Risk Control

3rd party, independent underwriting allows for objective reviews, reduces internal friction, and ensures safety & soundness in the portfolio.


Provides overflow valve during peak volume periods and provides credit servicing support.


Eliminates employee benefit expenses, occupancy costs, equipment and training expenses.


Allows organizations to improve operating leverage and design a more efficient credit process.


Experienced team delivers consistent, predictable, high quality product.


Predictable turn times, allowing bankers to set better expectations with clients.

Onboarding Process


Loan Policy & Credit Risk Appetite

During the onboarding process, we learn your bank’s loan policy hot buttons, underwriting approach, and overall credit risk appetite.



As part of our discovery process, our team customizes the underwriting approach as needed to ensure consistency with your current Credit Memo, cash flow calculations, and assumptions.


SLA’s & Quality Assurance

Service level agreements are communicated, and prioritization matrix is established. In addition, each bank is assigned a Senior Underwriting Manager as primary point of contact to ensure open lines of communication and high quality assurance.

Underwriting Team

Russell Morris

Russell Morris is a seasoned banker with over 20 years of commercial credit risk management experience. He has served in both Relationship Management and Credit Risk Management and has expertise underwriting C&I and CRE transactions.

Underwriting Team

The Lenders Cooperative credit underwriting team is composed of of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals with decades of experience in C&I, CRE, and SBA lending. The underwriting team is comprised of professionals with extensive experience.

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