NAGGL Spring Conference 2024

Grand Hyatt Nashville, TN

Welcome to the Lenders Cooperative Spotlight at the Naggl Spring Conference 2024!

It's not just any event - it marks NAGGL's 40th anniversary and Lenders Cooperative is thrilled to be a proud sponsor, host, and exhibitor at this premier gathering. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

Event Itinerary

  • Celebrating NAGGL's 40th Year

    Lenders Cooperative is thrilled to be part of this momentous occasion. With our longstanding support of NAGGL over the years, we're excited to celebrate their 40th anniversary and the impactful milestones achieved in the 7(a) lending industry. Join us as we connect, showcase, and contribute to the dynamic discussions shaping the future of lending.

    NAGGL Spring Conference

  • Sponsor, Host & Exhibitor

    Booth #55

    Stop by our booth to discover cutting-edge lending solutions, interact with industry experts, and explore innovative approaches to drive your bank's success forward.

  • Lenders Cooperative Hosting Dinner Event

    Connect with Will, David, and LG over dinner for networking and great conversation!

  • SBA LSP Services

    From Application to Closing we streamline the entire lending process making it efficient and hassle-free.
    • Credit Underwriting
    • Loan Fulfillment & Closing
    • Credit Servicing
    • Loan Servicing

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Event Team

Will Fountain

Managing Director, Advisory Services

David Tinsley

Head of SBA LSP

Thulasidharan LG

Chief Revenue Officer

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