Bankadelic Podcast Episode 120: Summer Special

Embracing Opportunities and Navigating Challenges

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Lenders Cooperative's President, Loughlin Cleary, joins the Bankadelic Podcast as a guest speaker in their latest episode, titled "Summer Special." The podcast panel, led by host Lou Carlozo, delve into the positives and challenges that arise during this time of the year in the banking industry. With a focus on execution, community banks' strength, and the need for innovation, the episode highlights key insights and considerations for financial institutions. In this blog summary, we will explore the main takeaways from the podcast, covering both the positives and the challenges discussed.

Positives of the Summer Season:

  • The summer season presents an opportunity for banks to remove friction from doing business, enabling smoother operations and improved customer experiences.
  • Community banks and credit unions are specifically recognized for their strength and their pivotal role in supporting local communities.
  • During tough economic times, these smaller institutions can seize opportunities to lend to small businesses, ultimately contributing to community growth. Success in this area boils down to leveraging data effectively, enabling banks to make informed decisions and offer tailored solutions.
  • The middle of the year serves as an ideal period to evaluate progress and realign goals for the remaining months.

Execution as the Key to Success:

The panel emphasized the importance of execution, as it determines the success of banks in achieving their objectives. By analyzing their current standing, financial institutions can identify areas that require adaptation or improvement, allowing them to strategically navigate the rest of the year. This focus on execution empowers banks to deliver results and create positive outcomes for their customers.

Strength of Community Banks and Innovation:

Community banks emerge as significant players during this time, demonstrating their resilience and adaptability. These institutions are well-positioned to thrive by embracing innovation and exploring new service offerings. By leveraging their close-knit relationships with local communities, community banks can foster borrower partnerships and engage in fruitful fintech collaborations. Additionally, the panel highlights the importance of harnessing technologies like AI to enhance efficiency and customer experiences, ultimately propelling community banks forward.

Challenges and Considerations:

  • The increased risk of fraud during tough economic periods. Furthermore, customer fear and depositor apprehension can impact banking activities.
  • Banks need to prioritize quick, simple, and painless experiences to mitigate these concerns and build trust.
  • The episode also touches upon the potential failures of regulators, particularly in relation to Silicon Valley Bank, and the presence of "zombie fintechs" within the industry.


As the summer season unfolds, banks have an excellent opportunity to drive their businesses forward through execution, innovation, and a focus on customer-centric experiences. Community banks, in particular, can leverage their strengths and establish themselves as reliable partners within their communities. By embracing emerging technologies and fostering collaborations, financial institutions can overcome challenges and capitalize on the vast potential presented by this time of the year. Ultimately, the Bankadelic Podcast Episode 120: Summer Special provides valuable insights for banks aiming to make the most of the summer season and chart a successful path for the rest of the year.

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