Building A Bank

Building a Bank with 50 developers… automated can we get?


Over the last five years, the team at STG has helped over 200 banking clients modernize their banking chassis - from cloud computing to Office 365 enablement, to back-office reconciliation automation, and to our recent work with lending automation, credit outsourcing, and SBA LSP work.

In all cases, we didn’t have the luxury of starting from a clean slate – in many cases our clients had their established routines, business processes, and existing core banking setup. 

We have often thought - what if we could take a traditional banking core, start with a clean slate, give an experienced operational leadership team access to 50 talented developers – and see how much automation and efficiency they could build into the chassis.

Can we scale the Bank and add only minimal FTEs in the back-office? Could we rethink through historical banking processes to improve customer service while eliminating unproductive labor?

  • For this project, we are building on a traditional core banking platform – Jack Henry Silverlake. This Bank will be a hybrid of a traditional commercial bank, coupled with a differentiated vertical focus. 
  • Each week our team will post an update on our progress – what we are learning, new ideas, headwinds, and lessons others can leverage in their back-office.

Our first update will be next Friday – Stay Tuned!