Lenders Cooperative Announces Integration With CSI's Core Processing System, Offering Enhanced Efficiency

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lenders Cooperative, a leading provider of lending solutions for financial institutions, today announced its successful integration with leading end-to-end fintech and regtech solutions provider, CSI's cloud-based core processing systems. This integration represents a major milestone for Lenders Cooperative and will offer a significant boost in efficiency along with numerous other benefits to its customers utilizing CSI's core system.

The core integration between Lenders Cooperative and CSI will deliver a host of features and enhancements that will greatly streamline operations and improve customer experiences. Key benefits of the integration include:

  • Mapping of data attributes – the integration facilitates seamless data transfer between Lenders Cooperative's Loan Origination System (LOS) and CSI's core system by mapping data attributes, ensuring accuracy and consistency
  • Customer record management – users will now have the ability to search customer records directly in the core system and create new records when necessary, providing a comprehensive view of the information
  • Streamlined boarding process – the integration optimizes the boarding task in the LOS, enabling users to confirm the information used to create the loan record on the core system, ensuring a smooth and accurate boarding experience
  • Flexible loan record creation – users can create a full loan record or a shell loan record leveraging the information available at the time of boarding, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet various loan scenarios

By integrating with CSI's cloud-based core processing systems, Lenders Cooperative strengthens its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and exceptional service to its customers. This collaboration will enhance operational efficiency, optimize loan processing and improve overall customer satisfaction.

“Partnerships with firms like CSI and Lenders Cooperative are critical to our continued growth,” said Timothy Coleman, Senior Vice President at Centier Bank. “By integrating Lenders Cooperative's cutting-edge lending technology with CSI's robust core banking platform, Centier Bank can elevate the customer experience. We can also more efficiently meet our customers' evolving needs while providing a superior banking experience.”

“We are committed to supporting our community financial institutions, and we’re thrilled to announce our integration with CSI's core processing systems,” said Loughlin Cleary, President at Lenders Cooperative. “This partnership empowers us to leverage CSI's robust core processing solutions, enabling us to deliver an even more secure, efficient and seamless experience to our valued customers.”

About CSI

As a forward-thinking technology partner, Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) delivers fintech, regtech and cybersecurity solutions to financial institutions and corporate customers, both foreign and domestic. In addition to its reputation for providing expert service, CSI focuses on propelling crucial technology advancements, accelerating speed-to-market and deploying solutions for fraud and anti-money laundering, account origination, small-to-medium businesses and treasury management, managed IT services and cybersecurity, real-time payments, open banking, Banking as a Service and more. From top global brands to community financial institutions across the nation, CSI delivers agile technology to its partners that’s designed to accelerate their growth and maximize their success. For more information, visit csiweb.com.

About Lenders Cooperative

Lenders Cooperative is a client-owned cooperative representing a community of over 140 and growing forward-thinking banking institutions leveraging best-in-class loan origination software coupled with shared services, including credit underwriting, SBA LSP support, bank operations and white labeled call center support. With solutions built and supported by veteran bankers, the Cooperative also offers customers a deep knowledge base, the ability to exchange best practices and a direct role in guiding the development and implementation of new technologies.

Lenders Cooperative helps community and regional financial institutions think differently on modernizing their lending solutions, improving internal workflow processes, and streamlining back-office operations so they can focus on their real strength - supporting their customers. Visit the Lenders Cooperative community today to join and learn more.