Workflow Automation and RPA

Session Recap: Wolf Technology Leadership Conference 2023


In today's competitive and challenging banking environment, the need for automation has never been more crucial. Tight labor markets, staffing difficulties, rising interest rates, and the need to control costs through operations have made automation and fintech solutions essential. This panel discussion explores the practical aspects of streamlining workflow automation in the banking industry.


  • Moderator: Andrew Billeter, Wolf & Company
  • Ben Lord, Chief Information & Technology Officer, Bluestone Bank
  • David Hogan, Senior VP & Director of IT, North Easton Savings Bank
  • Loughlin Cleary, President, Lenders Cooperative

Key Questions and Topics Discussed:

  1. What are you currently doing with Automation?
    • The panelists discussed their current automation initiatives and strategies.
  1. How did you get started with Automation?
    • The panelists shared insights into their journey towards automation implementation.
  1. Selecting Processes for Automation:
    • Considerations for selecting processes or tasks to automate using RPA or other technologies were discussed. Centralized processes and their impact on institutions were explored.
  1. Gaining Buy-In Throughout the Bank:
    • The panelists shared their perspectives on how to secure buy-in from individuals across the institution and how they identify and leverage change champions.
  1. Overcoming Challenges in Implementing Automation:
    • Challenges faced by institutions when implementing automation and RPA were examined, and strategies for overcoming these challenges were discussed.
  1. Ensuring Security and Data Integrity:
    • The importance of security in automation and RPA was highlighted, and best practices for maintaining the security and integrity of automated processes and data were shared.
  1. Lessons from Unsuccessful Cases:
    • Examples of processes where automation and RPA did not yield the desired results were discussed, and the lessons learned from these cases were shared.
  1. Success Stories:
    • The panelists provided examples of successful automation and RPA implementations that significantly improved business processes and outcomes.
  1. Measuring Success and KPIs:
    • The session explored how institutions measure the success of their automation initiatives and identified key performance indicators (KPIs) that should be tracked.

This panel session offered valuable insights into the world of banking automation, allowing attendees to learn from experienced professionals about how to effectively implement automation and fintech solutions to address the challenges of the modern banking landscape.

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